American or European Roulette?

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American or European Roulette? This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Let’s explore this and make a wise conclusion. The European Roulette was the first to enter gambling world. Containing numbers from 0 to 36 the purpose of the game was to choose…

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the number or a color then drop a ball and pray it will land on the spot you have bet on. Easy to play, not that easy to beat. Later on the American Roulette comes out to the light. Now let’s turn a bit to to History of the European Roulette before we go any deeper in finding out the difference between these two. It is sometimes called French Roulette Wheel for the reason. It was first invented and played in France. The game became extremely popular and soon the rumors crossed the sea and reached America. By no means Vegas wanted it! The European version was built with 37 spots for numbers, from 1 to 36 and a spot for 0. There was no order of numbers on the wheel. The lay-out was random and there was no symmetry. The odds this wheel were not attractive for America so they decided to change it.

The American version consisted of 38 spots (!). 1-36, a spot for 0 and a spot for 00 (!). By changing this, the casino now had odds over the players. The layout was also changed. The numbers were not random any more. They were placed in pairs in front of each other across the roulette. This wheel became more casino-friendly and did not bring as much luck as the European version did. Both versions carry these lay-outs up-to-date. So does this make such a big difference? Just one extra spot?
Lets make some calculations:

For American version a single bet of one number has a casino edge of 2/38 which makes 5.26%.

A casino edge on a single bet of one number on the European version is 1/37 which makes it 2.7%
That is a massive difference in odds for players.

So let’s make a conclusion now. If you are to choose which Roulette to play American or European always choose European Roulette for better player odds!
Good Luck!

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