Guns’n’Roses Slot Premiere

Guns N' Roses Video Slot

Latest NetEnt Video Slot Guns’n’Roses Slot Premiere is scheduled for January-21-2016. Guns’n’Roses video slot is inspired by a fame of one of the biggest rock bands of late 80’s. The slot is decorated by the band’s related footage

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and features the bands classic hits, which are played throughout the gaming process. In fact, you are able to customize the appearance of the slot by editing the playlist and manipulating the sequence of the songs to your favor.
As per game’s premier, it features various no deposit bonuses that vary throughout the casino like 10 or 20 no deposit free spins. Moreover to that, the game offers 100 deposit free spins and popular match bonuses that depend on the country the player is residing in. In addition to the bonus structure, the game can provide its players with a special 10 or 20 EUR gift vouchers if the slot is played on the day of the player’s birthday, which is definitely attractive for customers, who like customization.
It is announced that the game will be able to satisfy both low-stakes players and high-rollers, which is indeed choice in terms of diversification of players’ gambling preferences.

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