How to Win at Roulette

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Let’s talk about beating a Roulette and get a guaranteed positive result. However, when we say 100% guaranteed – it is not really true, since we all know that it is impossible to guarantee anything in the gambling world, but we can

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definitely help you out with  with chances to win.
To begin with, we would like to mention that you should work out your own strategy in order to win, no matter what game you choose. We consider that all of you already know about playing strategy, however if you are not, please see our other articles, where we discuss it and give some advises.
The main point and the truth is that any strategy for playing the Roulette is based on the progression only. The progression itself comes from Mathematics and Statistics, but let’s avoid long, boring and complicated discussions since our goal is to make you understand how to beat the Roulette by avoiding the rules. Moreover, we would like to assure you that such people how manage to beat the Roulette and win do actually exist.
In order to fight progression casinos are setting the limits for maximum bets. Some casinos, where the players who are rich enough to place really enormous bets thus are bounding themselves from good income by placing such limits. However this is way of protecting their business from players who are using the progression.
Let’s consider the progression from the mathematical point of view. If we look right into the main subject of the questions, we will see that the chances of each second outcome is 50%. For example if you flip the coin 100 times it will probably rest 50 times with heads up and 50 times with tails up. Literally, this simple rule answers the question – How To Win At Roulette? Nevertheless, this is not enough. For this reason, players from all over the world were trying to maintain more precise strategy in order to win, but all their theories are based on 50% chances anyway.  No one succeeded to find a method that would give you 100% guarantee to win. It is like looking for the  Stone of Wisdom  that does not exist.
Experienced players, who know how to win in online casino or land casino, and they actually do that for living have come to one common opinion that  a passport to success is not casino, luck or strategy but actually yourself. And yes, we mean it. Only yourself, your cool-headedness,  tough-mindedness and believe us or not the absence of passion. The last one is the main factor that will help you to win. The main goal that all casinos set for themselves is to get you into passion mood. Your main task is to resist it. For professional gamblers the game is their job. For this reason they know how to win at Roulette. Only when you learn how to resist the passion you will win and bring money to your bank account. You should never think that you are lucky and you hit the jackpot. Even if you won 20 bets in a row and you are planning to play again, your 21st bet should be considered, revised and analyzed as if it is the first bet in your life.
Only those who will manage to master all mentioned above will have chances to win at Roulette. It is not that simple as it may seem from the first sight. Many of you will say – “Oh, I can do this! It’s as easy as ABC! I will never become addicted and the passion is not about me”. However the practice proves that  while reading this article and on your way to casino you think you definitely know how to behave to resist the passion and addiction, but as soon as you start playing this feeling disappears and you become the victim of your emotions and gambling.
So how to win at Roulette? Choose the strategy first. In general all of them are very much alike. The Martingale system is the most commonly used. So we recommend you to start with it. This system is described in a separate article.
To conclude, we would like to mention that big winnings are not possible in general. You will only be able to withdraw your big winning once maybe, after that you will get on the casino black list and the casino will closely monitor your actions. Once they catch you are using strategy you will be banned. Our advice is to play in several casinos and do not try winning a million.

Good luck!

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