NextGen Software Review

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General Overview

NextGen is one of the renowned online

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casino games software developers. They have made it to the headlines as one of the best developers for their exceptional games which have proven performance and game longevity for casino operators and players.

The company was established in 1999 when they started a platform that’s independent in content delivery. This has been their focus to this day where they focus on quality of the game content and innovation. They games are built with integrity and offer end to end support in all their services. With such kinds of principles they are able to offer longevity and maturity in the industry, as well as, a reputation to constantly deliver sustainable value.

The developers behind the development of the games do not only create content but also have technical skills and have diversified cultures which assist them in coming up with the range of themes the slot games at NextGen Gaming have.

Delivery of Unique Games

What makes a great game? This is the question that constantly runs across the minds of the developers at NextGen Gaming. If the answer to this question was simple; then it wouldn’t be fun for them!

The reason why NextGen Gaming has remained at the top is their ability to balance between fundamental development aspects and innovation. The success is attributed to NextGen’s developers’ experience and innovation. With the environment offered to the developers, they are able to push boundaries and make the best of their talents.

Balanced Creativity with Structure

The reason why most of NextGen’s Gaming slots are a hit is because they focus on the player’s enjoyment. At the end of the day they are expected to deliver the best to their partners and players. This is the reason they need to have the right structures in place to deliver these games in good time.

Proper assignments are assigned to the relevant departments and quality is assured. With such technicalities, balancing between creativity and proper business structures becomes hard a task. Artists are not tasked with the creativity aspect of the development process, there is a product team that is tasked with the work of thinking and developing the exciting ways to enhance and develop the player experience.

Partners get and end-to-end gaming deal

As a partner, you get time to interact with the developers at NextGen Gaming to achieve what you wish. They will have a team work with yours to achieve the targeted themes. This will come in handy since you will get to borrow some skills and experiences from the team and learn what they have come across in the market and what works in your target jurisdiction.

What do you get from NextGen as an Organization?

  • Game Innovation
  • A Catalogue of their previously developed games
  • A collaborative partnership model
  • Player knowledge and capability of delivery

Enhancements you come across on NextGen developed games

NextGen is known to offer games that delight the players thanks to the gameplay enhancements. The enhancements will grow the level of excitement to the game. These enhancements make the games developed by NextGen a favourite by many players.

Which are some of these gameplay enhancements?

Select a Play Feature

Games with this enhancement will offer you the liberty of choosing a free game type. The kind of choices you get will be a high number of free spins coupled with lower win multipliers vs a low number of free games with a higher multiplier.

Slide a Wild

This is a patented game feature where you are offered with the chance to manually control the placement and behaviour of certain characters in the game. In this case, it is the wild.

Up Wild

With this feature you will be able to increase the game’s intensity. When you spin the reels when this enhancement is active, the wild will make its way vertically up the reels leaving additional wilds in its wake. This feature only requires one symbol to activate.

Super Bet

This will prompt the game to unlock and additional feature with an extra bet.

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