Playtech Software Review


About Playtech
Playtech is a world leader in gaming industry and is listed in the London Stock Exchange market. Furthermore they offer world class and

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value added solutions for their online casino operators. The company was started in 1999 and it has a great approach when it comes to the continued development of the best games in the world of gambling. Their partnerships have been their greatest drive to providing the best products and content.
Provision of Cross Platform management Systems
Their cross-platform services make it possible for them to offer unified systems in management known as IMS. This is a great platform that delivers tools to maximize cross selling opportunities yield and great loyalty from players. Also this platform  has a comprehensive range of services and tools which are developed to offer great performance gaming operations.
Products offered by Playtech
Playtech offers a wide array of services to the world of online gambling. They have products for live casinos, sports betting, casino, poker, social gaming, mobile, lottery, casual and fixed odd games, as well as, Serve supported terminals.
Games by Playtech are products that are part of a comprehensive platform which has these games integrated with one another. These products can also be integrated with already existing systems and as standalone apps. You are assured of a breath-taking experience whether the games you’re playing are mini games from bingo, live casino, sports betting sits or casino games.
With the complete management solution from Playtech, IMS operators gain access to a fully integrated set of tools and services that are successfully managed on the entire product suite.
Services offered at Playtech
Playtech has invested a lot in making sure that they provide online casinos with turnkey services. Not only with they provide games; they also provide software to run the casino or betting site with a whole lot of new and state of art services to give the players a seamless gaming experience. The software has internal and external marketing services, applications that can fully be customized and operational management services.
If we were to breakdown their services; this is what they provide:
Payment Advisory
Fraud Prevention
Financial Services
Customer Support
Poker and Bingo Network management
Hosting Services
Marketing Services
Live Dealer Services
Gateway to Regulated Markets
There are new markets emerging for online casino operators so they need to gain momentum and conquer these un-mined markets; consequently to do this, they need to have a good partner with global credentials for them to properly penetrate in this new market.
Playtech has been a great software provider who has a great wealth of experience in penetrating new markets. As a result, they have been able to meet without strain all regulatory requirements in these jurisdictions where their licenses are active.
Mobile Gaming at Playtech
Playtech had their online platform developed in 2012 through collaboration with experts in the mobile world called Mobenga. They were able to have their mobile platform designed on an open framework which is meant to integrate content and also offer their players with seamless experience for their users on their mobile devices.
Finally this open platform gambling operators are allowed to integrate any mobile gaming software and content through the standard and user friendly API’s. This mobile platform has been built on HTML5 technology which makes it compatible with browsers, HTML5 ready devices and native apps.

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