Poker Combinations and Their Explanations

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This time we would like to give definitions of the poker combinations and their explanations to those who are just in the beginning of their gambling experience and want to learn more about poker. We will be posting some poker

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strategies too later on our website. Here they are. Easy to understand and you can start training after you finish reading this article.

1. Royal Flush

Includes Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten all of the same suit;

2. Straight Flush

Five playing cards of consecutive rank. All of the same suit;

3. Four-of-a-Kind

The name speaks for itself. These are for playing cards out of five of the same kind;

4. Full House

Three playing cars of the first rang and two playing cards of another rank;

5. Flush

When you have all 5 playing cards of the same suit;

6. Straight

Includes five playing cards of a consecutive rank;

7. Three of a Kind

When thee playing cards out of 5 five have the same rank;

8. Two Pairs

Very easy. When you have two pairs of cards and each pair comprises two playing cards having the same rank;

9. One Pair

Even more easy then the previous one. It includes a pair of playing cards of the same rank;

10. High Hand

Also known as “Busted Hand”. A hand with cards of highest rank. The breakers go to the next highest card etc.

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