Roulette Methods

Let’s consider the main Roulette Methods. By following them you will manage to succeed. 1. Come down to earth when you play the Roulette. The casino always has the advantage over the player. You are playing on their territory.

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None of the casinos will give out the money just because you came to play. This is a business on the first place for the casino holder, not the game. You should never think that casino is for players so you should always prepare yourself for the loss. The below mentioned methods will help you out to increase the chances to win.

2. Your friends are logic, common sense and…maths. Everyone should agree that maths is the key to success. To be precise it is the statistics and probability value. By learning these two sections of mathematics you you will be able to meet more effective principals and strategies. Forget about intuition, your friends advices and signs of fate. You should only be driven by conscious decisions based on mathematical calculations. Examine the strategies like Donald Nathanson and Repeated Numbers strategies.

3. You should be ready to win and loose. This rule means that if no one is cheating (casinos sometimes do cheat), there is always a flow of cash. In other words the money go from you to casino and then return back to you. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced player or a newbie, you can loose. You should keep it calm no matter what. It will be make more sense if you analyze the game and the reason why you lost to choose the strategy that fits you best. You should also analyze if you have missed anything in the strategy rules you have chosen.

4. The more logically complicated is the game the better for you. This only means that the more rules and complications the casino made the more chance you have to win. There are less chances for lady luck. And it always plays against you.

5. Count your money. You shouldn’t bet big amounts of money unless you are an experienced player. You should never lend money for playing.

6. Stick to the strategy you have chosen. Never place bets that are not prescribed by it. This will minimize the chances to loose.

7. Don’t be naive. Do not believe those well advertised strategies shouting out promises to win. The strategy that gives you 100% guarantee to win does not exist. The casinos would not exist if there was such a strategy. Your main enemy in the casino is yourself. Your emotions and psychology.

8. Learn your enemies. Well, may be the word “enemy” is too strong , but still, the casino is your main opponent in the game. And the game itself is the constant confrontation between a player and a casino. Before you start playing, analyze the casinos, learn their terms and conditions. Choose the most appropriate for yourself.

9. Never accept to play additional games. If you won and the casino offers to play “super game” that suddenly appeared as an extra bonus for those who won a lot. You should clearly understand that casino will be trying to get back what they have lost. Don’t be greedy, this may be a trap and you will loose everything.

10. Relax as you play. Isn’t it what you were aiming when you came to play at casino? “The game” is the key word here. Enjoy it, even if you came to earn some money. “The game” is a way of relaxation and having fun. Take it only this way. Although this rule comes on the last place in this article it is one of the most important!

Good luck!


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